Friday, August 5, 2011

My Latest Macro Flash Diffuser

I would like to share with you all of my latest custom made flash diffuser for my macro photography. This new version is fully detachable for easy storage and carriage, make it suitable to be carried around in your camera backpack or luggage.You can simply reassemble it in minutes.

This design has minimum light lost but produces good diffused light with faster flash recycle times and longer battery duration. I have even fired 3 shots continuously and yet still produced decent images.

How does it looks like?
Here you go!

The new version is adopted my previous horse shoe shape design, which can deliver better diffused flash light to reach the bottom portion. A additional diffuse layer in front is to further spread the diffused light evenly onto the subject.

How is the results?
Here you go!

My SB900 was set on auto mode. All images are straight from camera RAW and with standard settings via ACR, resized and sharpened.

i-TTL with setting of 1/200, f11.

i-TTL with setting of 1/200, f16.

The lighting effect is so diffused and perfect!

Any on field tests?
Yuh! here you go!

Stypocladius appendiculatus

100% cropped.



Jumping Spider

P/S: If you are interested in my Diffuser. Do PM me via my facebook at for further details。


  1. Excellent diffuser and an awesome photography.

  2. Hi there, do you still sell the diffuser? thx

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  4. do you still sell diffuser sir? you have any updates in diffuser model?